NeckVain is the real account of the marriage of a Narcissist. The idea is to have a first time case study written by the Non-Narcissist and hopefully a written account from the Narcissist view too. The goal is to capture the the raw and intense appeals that the relationship with a Narcissist offers. Hopefully it will be something new to shed light to this real disorder that has been pledged with so much negativity. This is a vivid story of Love and Compassion and the real Pain of this type of relationship evokes. Hopefully this romance story can show what it is like to be pushed to the painful edge by a Narcissist and the hope and compassion with learning and comprehension how they see life.

NeckVain Originally started to show the self discovery and reflection process of the Narcissist. It was made for my husband to self explore his newly diagnosed disorder and to receive help from the online community. After looking for good chats and forums we saw that all the sites and books tended to have negative undertones. Of course this negativity would make any Narcissist quit trying for help. So I took over. Hopefully this site will once again turn to his self discovery journey and be the safe haven site for other Narcissist who are tired of being insulted for something they are working on.


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